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Fantastic, fun new product for the PC. Connect Chatman to your computer and he will talk back to you. His range of conversation is so extensive it feels like hes alive!  Rated top 5 toy by Channel 5's "The Gadget Show".

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Key Features:

- Amazing New Interactive Toy - So Real It Feels Like Hes Alive!
- Responds To Questions With Relevance And Accuracy. - Can Be Used With All Major IM's Including Facebook, MSN, AOL, Yahoo, Skype
- Can Understand Language, Context & Mood - Has Its Own Personality
- Encourages Verbal Creativity - Encourages Understanding Of Emotions And Communication For Children
- Kids Love Chatting To Him - Rated Top 5 Toy By Channel 5's "The Gadget Show"



This is a fantastic product that is set to become the top toy of 2010. Chatman takes interactive toys to a whole new level, as he will talk back to you and answer any questions you may have. His range of conversation is so extensive, he feels like hes alive!

Simple plug him into your computer and you can start chatting away. Chatman also makes the perfect social networking friend as he will integrate with social networking sites such as Facebook, MSN, Yahoo, Skype and even join in on the conversations!

For instance, each time your friends write you a message, Chatman will read and react to the message in an intelligent way, as though he is listening in on the conversation. He is even able to understand the tone of your conversation and responds accordingly with emoticons. Its like having your own curious little talking friend by your side!

Chatman also acts as an assistant in everything you do where he will help you to surf the web, find information for homework, browse shops, find games, videos... anything you want. He will even organise your diaries and important dates for you, as well as notify you so you dont forget.

Overall, Chatman engages with you like no other toy does, as it makes children think, communicate and explore. Its especially great fun to see kids talking to him and asking him for advice as though its a normal conversation! When you ask him a question he responds with a suprisingly relevant answer, and even for an adult, he seems spookily real! Kids seem to love talking to chat to Chatman, and its hard for adults not to join in too...

Chatman is set to become the top toy this Christmas.



Your Feeling, Talking, Moving PC Friend

Chatman is the first artificially intelligent PC friend designed to make online chat sessions, web surfing or gaming more creative and fun. He’s a real moving, talking friend with a unique animated LED mouth.

With an intuitive understanding of language, context and mood, his personality is so real it feels like he’s alive. Whatever chat software you use, when you and your friends chat, Chatman will make you laugh.

Tell him what to say and when to say it by recording your own chit-chats (words that prompt a reaction from him). For example, you can customise Chatman to say “Oh Man” each time the word “homework” is mentioned.

How Does Chatman Work?

When you install Chatman on your computer it will recognize the instant messaging software you use with your friends (Facebook chat, MSN Messenger, AOL AIM, Yahoo Messenger, Skype and G-mail chat) and join the fun.

When your friends aren’t online you can simply chat with Chatman. Chatman identifies particular words and responds to them according to its mood or specifically as you've asked it to.

While chatting to Chatman or with your friends, you can create new responses called Chit chats. Each response you create will be added to Chatman’s bank of responses and will help form its character.

Choose a Chat mate. Chatman comes with three different personalities for you to choose from, which include Meeko, Ginger and Zeeke.

Each one of the characters has its own responses and personality, and when you create a Chit chat you add it to one of these chat mates. Alternatively, you can either create new Chat-mates, or download new personalities from the mychatman website.

Most important, is that you chat with your Chatman. You can tell Chatman stuff about school, home, friends and basically anything. Chatman knows how to keep a secret and you might be surprised at the response you get.

Use Chatman For Chat

Chat one to one with Chatman. Tell him something and he’ll tell you how he feels about it. When your friends are busy, write to Chatman and he can make you laugh. Let Chatman join you and your buddies as you chat online he’ll read what youre friends write and give you his own point of view.

Chatman is compatible with all major IM (instant messaging) platforms including Facebook, MSN, Yahoo and AOL. He has 3 personality options with over 500 actions and over 25 customisable moods. You can edit his personality or mood at any time during the chat. Create new custom personalities by recording your own messages, sounds or chit-chats. Share chit-chats online and download new personalities, features and applications on the mychatman website.

He has 3 personalities (Ginger, Zeeke and Meeko), and is able to move his eyes, ears and arms as well as an LED mouth that changes expression according to his mood. He is the first toy with the ability to to understand language, context and mood - his personality is so real it feels like he's alive!

Use Chatman's Chit-Chats

Another unique feature of Chatman is his "Chit-Chats" these can be downloaded from Chatmans very own website: You download them using credits that you can buy online or earn by getting your friends to download the "Chit-Chats" that you create and upload.

Creating a "Chit-Chat" is simple all you have to do is record you or someone else saying what you want your "Chit-Chat" to be then programme Chatman to say it when you want him to for example: you could get Chatman to say "Oh Man" everytime "homework" is mentioned.

Use Chatman On The Web

When you're bored or you don't feel like talking Chatman will still be there to entertain you. Using the ‘I want to’ function, Chatman will help you find and do the things you want online. He can get you jokes or games from the Internet. Want to find images, people or just funny stuff?

Chatman will assist you and he’s always got something to say about it. Homework? No Problemo. Chatman can help you do research. You can ask Chatman questions and he will help you look for answers on the Internet. He can show you pictures and help you find information about things that interest you.


Using The Chatman Website

Everyone who owns a Chatman gets their very own unique account on the Chatman website. When you do something cool or funny share it with your friends. When you create cool stuff share them online and when people download it you will earn credits which is like money you can buy and sell with it. You can use your credits to download new personalities, applications and "chit-chats". You can also buy credits online as long as you have your parents permission. You also get free credits when you register your Chatman.


In a sentence, Chatman encourages emotional development through communication and creativity. Chatman is mostly about fun, but there is a serious side to it too. The world of instant messaging and online chats are often devoid of emotion. It can be hard for children to understand the emotional content of the messages they receive, or to understand the emotional impact of the messages they send.

While Chatman is a fun and entertaining companion, it is also a tool that can help your child develop a better understanding of the emotional impact of words. Chatman is about hearing a reaction, improving emotional intelligence, teaching normative communication skills and encouraging verbal creativity -within a safe, mediated and controlled environment. Chatman is also a valuable parenting tool, providing alerts in response to unsafe or inappropriate messages. Chatman is easy to install on your PC or laptop and only takes a few minutes.

Is Chatman Really Alive?

Well it feels like he’s alive! If he doesn’t make you laugh - it means you’re sleeping! Chatman moves his eyes, hands and ears as well as uses an animated LED mouth when talking. His movements are very precise and endless and so it’s easy to know when he’s happy and when he’s sad or angry.

Like us people, Chatman has many different moods:
Happy, Sad, Surprised, Angry, Looney, Loving, Mysterious, Disappointed, Worried, Regretful, Embarrassed, Insulted, Jealous, Flattering, Decisive, Tired, Scared, Skeptical, Disgusted, Bored, Arrogant, Impatient, Wiseguy, Danger & Alerts.

So he’ll almost always have something smart or funny to say...


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Box Contents:

1 x Chatman with USB Cable
1 x Software CD
1 x Quick-start Manual

System Specifications:

Chatman requires a PC running Windows XP with Service Pack 2 or higher, Windows Vista or Windows 7

Processor/CPU: 1 GHz Pentium processor or equivalent

Memory/RAM: 256 MB, Recommended: 1 GB

Disk space: 150 MB

Display: 800X600 (1024X768 highly recommended)

Color: 24-bit (minimum). Recommended: 32-bit.

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