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Mele F10 Pro Air Gyro Wireless Mouse Keyboard
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Mele F10 Pro Air Gyro Wireless Mouse Keyboard

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- New added Built-in Speakers, Microphone and Earphone jack, for Skype calls.
- Air Gyro allows you to control the mouse by moving the remote in the air.
- 200 Day Standby time.
- Built-in Rechargeable Battery.

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At a glance:

- Built-in Air Gyro Motion Sensor
- USB Plug and Play

- 2.4GHz USB Wi-Fi Dongle Included (10m Range)
- Built-in Keyboard
- Voice Speaker System : Built-in Speaker, Microphone and Earphone Jack
- Built-in Rechargable Battery (200 Day Standby)
- Works With Any Android/Windows/Linux/Mac OS Device.



- The Mele F10 Pro is one of the most adavanced wireless mouse keyboards to date, featuring a new Voice Speaker System that has a speaker and microphone built into the remote itself for Skype calls.

- The built-in Air Gyro allows you to control the mouse pointer on the screen by moving the F10 in the Air like a Wii controller. This makes pointing and clicking, fast and easy to do.

- The Mele F10 Pro can also be used for gaming, allowing you to tilt the controller to steer, jump and move on screen.

- No setup is required on the F10 Pro as it works via Plug and Play. You simply plug the Wi-Fi dongle into a USB socket, turn on your remote, and your'e ready to go straight away.

- If you're buying an Android Smart TV Box this item is highly recommended as it significantly quickens and enhances your user experience.



Air Gyro System:

Mele's 2nd generation Air Gyro System on the F10 Pro allows you to wirelessly control your on screen cursor with a simple wave or tilt of the wrist like a Wii controller. It can also be used for advanced gaming by allowing you to engage on screen by utilising the Gyro for fucntions such as steering for driving games or mimicking you motion for sports games.

Advanced Voice Speaker System:

The F10 Pro is an advanced remote that has a built-in speaker, microphone and eraphone jack. This means that you can use the F10 pro like a phone by talking to and listening to your friends straight from the controller! By adding this funtion to the remote this mean that chatting via Skype can be taken to a whole new level. You can now skype chat though your TV or PC without having to sit in front of it. You will be able to sit down wherever you want, feet up on the table, and chat for free!

Built-in Battery:

The built-in rechargeable battery enables you to charge the device via USB, saving you money on batteries with its long 200 day standby time.


This item works on a plug and play basis, can be used with any TV Media Box, Tablet or Home Theatre PC, and works with any Android/Windows/Linux/Mac device. Simply plug in the Wi-Fi dongle to a USB port, turn on your AirTrack and get connected in seconds.


  • Mele F10 Pro Air Gyro Mouse Keyboard
  • 2.4GHz Wi-Fi Dongle
  • USB to Mini USB Cable
  • User Manual


-Full Qwerty Keyboard (Multi Language Support)
-Air Gyro Sensor
-Built-in Speakers
-Buil-in Microphone
-Built-in Earphone Jack
-2.4GHz W-Fi Dongle (10m Range)
-Built-in Rechargebale Battery
-USB Plug and Play
-Battery Life: Over 200 Days Standby (Charges via USB)
-Dimensions:180mm x 49mm x 16mm
-System Support: Works With Any Android/Windows/Linux/Mac OS Device


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