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StealthX Tesla T3 9.7" 1.2GHz Android 4.0 Tablet HD Screen 1GB DDR3 RAM
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StealthX Tesla T3 9.7" 1.2GHz Android 4.0 Tablet HD Screen 1GB DDR3 RAM

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With a super quality 9.7" IPS screen, dual cameras and 1GB DDR3 RAM, the Tesla T3 is the strongest contender for those looking for a genuine iPad alternative. With its sharp, rich colour screen and lightweight metal alloy design, the Tesla Tablet is a phenomenal tablet giving the iPad stiff competition at a fraction of the price.

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Key Features:

- 1.2Ghz ARM Cortex-A8 Processor - Android 4.0 Jelly Bean Operating System
- 9.7" Capacitive (Mulit-touch) Touch Screen - Google Play (Over 400,000 apps)
- IPS (In-plane switching) HD Display - Supports Wireless 3G Dongles
- 1GB DDR3 RAM RAM - 2160p HD Video Playback + HDMI Out
- 8GB Internal Memory (Expandable by 32GB) - Supports Adobe Flash 11.1 (BBC iPlayer, YouTube)
- Dual Cameras - 1-Year Warranty

Retail Gadgets Overview:

- The Tesla Tablet features an advanced 9.7" IPS (in-plane switching) touch screen display that creates ultra sharp images and deep colour textures.

- The IPS display is the same system used on the iPad, giving the tablet the latest generation HD screen technology. It align pixels horizontally instead of vertically, creating sharp rich colour images and a clear display in sunlight at angles up to 170 degrees.

- The 9.7" touch screen and casing also has the same dimensions as the iPad which makes it convenient to buy accessories such as cases, screen protectors.

- With its IPS screen, 1GB DDR3 RAM, and dual cameras, the Tesla tablet sets a new standard amongst Android tablets and is perfect for those looking for an iPad style tablet. Its size, weight and dimensions gives it an iPad feel, but using the very latest rival Android 4.0 operating system it has greater flexibility and user control.



IPS HD Screen - Beautiful colours and sharp images.

Using the latest IPS screen technology, the Tesla tablet is able to acheive wider viewing angles, better image contrast, richer colours and faster response times than traditional LCD screens. Often used in high end devices, IPS screens also do not lighten or show tailing when touched making them perfect for touch screen devices.


9.7" 5-Point Multi-Touch Capacitive Screen.

At 9.7" the Tesla has the same dimensions as the iPad, making it the perfect size for those that want the iPad look and feel in the hand. The 5-point multi touch capacitive screen is able to register 5 simultaneous touches, making it ideal for games, whilst the lightest brush of the finger is able to select, flick, scroll and zoom.

Picture Perfect - Dual Cameras.

With dual cameras the Tesla tablet is able to make use of rear facing camera apps such as barcode scanning, language translators, live POV video calling, and facial / location recognition. Get creative and have fun exploring the many different applications available to you. Your camera becomes not just a feature for taking pictures but a tool for running amazing apps.

Get Connected - Wi-Fi and 3G Support.

Take advantage of wireless networking with in- built 802.11 wireless b/g/n technology. Connect to your home and office wireless network or on the move at open Wi-fi hotspots. You can also connect a wireless 3G dongle to the tablet for complete mobility and surf the web wherever and whenever you want.

Android 4.0 Operating System.

Built with the latest Android 4.0 operating system, it has all the latest Android operating features such as:

- Refined evolved UI making navigation more intuitive and easier to use
- Faster internet browsing and 30% quicker page loading times.
- Virtual buttons in the system bar replacing the need for physical input buttons.
- Multi-tasking capabilities. Jump from one task to another in the system bar. Navigate quickly using the recent apps list.
- New lock screen actions including face unlock function that uses your camera to scan your face andunlock your tablet.

Lightweight Casing

Stylish Ultra Thin Design

- Home screen folders and favourites tray. Allows you to group folders and drag apps to obtain information or disable an app.
- Advanced widgets. Embed live application content through interactive widgets to produce real time information on your home screen.
- Improved text input and spell checking. Edit mispelled words more easily with improved error correction and word suggestions.
- Powerful voice input engine. Android 4.0 features a powerful voice input engine for continously streaming voice recognition. Users can dictate text, highlight and correct text to produce notes and documents.

- HTML5 Support.

With Adobe abandoning the flash format for mobile devices and phasing it out, the future of video content and web pages will be unified under HTML5.

In 2012, browsers, web pages, and videos site such as YouTube and the BBC have already begun to implement videos to playback under HTML5 rather than flash.

Android 4.0 has been designed to support HTML5, allowing you to view the next generation of web video formats.

Dual Camera system

Recent Apps List
File Manager
Data Usage Statistics

Capacitive Multi-Touch. Intuitive interaction at your fingertips.

Tap, swipe, pinch, and flick to interact with your on screen display. Navigation couldnt be faster, simpler or more fun. When your fingers touch the display, it acts as an electronic conductor and is captured by electrical sensors. As a result there is no need to press hard against the surface. In fact you barely need to touch the screen at all.

UK Google Play Store.

Access over 400,000 Android apps and counting. Whether you want to read Kindle ebooks, play Angry Birds, talk to friends on Skype, or socialise on Facebook, there are over 400,000+ apps to choose from. Installation of apps takes seconds. With Android Market, the capabilities of the Huron Tablet are unlimited.

Box Contents:

  • StealthX Tesla T3 Tablet 9.7" Android 4.0 1.2GHz ARM Cortex-A8 Processor
  • USB Cable
  • Micro USB to Full Size USB adapter.
  • Mains Charger


Processor: 1.2Ghz ARM Cortex A8
Operating System: Android 4.0.4 
Display: 9.7" IPS HD Screen, 1024 x 768 Resolution
Touch Screen: 5-Point Multi-Touch Capacitive Screen
Built-in Memory: 8GB
Expandable Memory: up to 32GB Micro SD
Camera: Front 0.3MP, Rear 2.0MP
Microphone: Yes
Built-in Speaker: Yes
Accelerometer (Tilt Sensor): Yes
HD Video Playback: Yes, Supports 2160p HD Videos
Video Support:  H.264/H.263/VC1/WMV/MOV/M   KV/AVI/RM/RMVB/FLV/MPEG-1/MPEG-2/MPEG-4
Music Support:  MP3/WMA/APE/FLAC/AAC/AC3/WAV
Photo Support:  JPEG/BMP/GIF/PNG
Gaming: Supports 3D gaming + Accelerometer Control
Android Market: Yes
Built-in GPS: No
HDMI Out: Yes
Flash Support:  Yes.
WIFI: Wireless 802.11 b/g/n
Wireless 3G Support: Yes, Supports external 3G USB dongle
Battery Type: Rechargeable Lithium Battery 8000mAh
Battery Time: 7-8 Hours Web Browsing
I/O Ports:  Micro USB 2.0 x 2, HDMI, Micro SD, 3.5mm Headphone Socket, Power port
Power: DC  5V/1.5A , Can also be charged via USB.
Accessories: USB Cable, Micro USB to Full Size USB adapter, power adapter
Color:  Black Front / Silver Back
Dimensions:  242mm x 190mm x 11mm
Weight: 546g
Warranty: 1-Year


Android 4 User Guide: Android 4 OS User Guide


What can I do with my Tesla Tablet?

Below is a short list of key functions and features that are available to you on the Tesla Tablet.


Android Market This tablet has Google Android Market built-in, allowing you to search and download over 400,000+ apps and install them to your tablet. With Android Market your tablet has unlimited capabilities and potential. Android Market also features the highest percentage of free Apps - 57% (Apple App Store - 28%) making it the most cost effective choice as well.
Android 4.0.3 (Ice Cream Sandwich) New features include a new Graphic User Interface, 30% faster loading times, multi-tasking, advanced widgets, facial recognition, intuitive menu system, and HTML5 support.
ARM Cortex-A8 Processor This tablet uses the super fast ARM Cortex processor that allows for fast processing and smooth performance.
Adobe Flash Support This tablet supports Adobe Flash allowing you to play flash content on your tablet. Watch videos and navigate through flash based games and websites on your device.
e-Book Reader Download e-Book readers such as Amazon Kindle, Aldiko and Nook to turn you tablet into an e-Book reader. You can search and download millions of free books or purchase paid-for books and read them on your tablet. If you already have an existing e-Book account such as with Amazon Kindle, there's no need to purchase your books twice. Simply log-in to your account and you can access your existing e-Book library from your tablet.
3G Mobile Broadband Support This tablet supports Mobile 3G Broadband, allowing you to connect a wireless 3G USB dongle, and access the internet wherever you are, without the need for Wi-Fi. Whether you are on your way to work on a train, or in a hotel room on your travels, you can have internet access at hand.
Skype Chat for free using Skype voice and video. Engage in face to face chat with family and friends from any room, anywhere, with your tablet.
Facebook Catch up with your friends and chat on Facebook from the comfort of your bed or sofa. Find out what your friends have been up to over your breakfast table without having to boot up your computer.
BBC iPlayer Catch up with the latest shows on BBC iPlayer as well as ITV Player, 4onDemand, 5onDemand. Stream TV channels live on your tablet.
Google Maps Need to find an address? Download the Google Maps app to find the address of restaurants and cinemas, or zoom in closer with google street, to view your location at street level.
Games Fill your spare time playing popular games such as the legendary Angry Birds with over 300million players worldwide! There are 1000's of games to download ranging from first person shooters, sports, racing games, puzzle games, chess, poker, memory games. Android tablet games are famed for short, easy to play, time filling games that you will return to over and over again.
Email Download Gmail and Yahoo Mail Apps to instantly access your emails. (Note you can also access your email via the usual web method without using specialist apps)
HDMI Out This tablet features a HDMI-Out port that allows you to connect your tablet to your TV via a HDMI cable. This creates a mirror image of your Android Tablets' screen on your TV and also allows you to transmit and playback movies on your TV from your tablet.
Accelerometer A built in accelerometer allows you to tilt this tablet in any direction to switch from portrait to landscape viewing. This is ideal when you are viewing text rich content such as ebooks and emails. An accelerometer also allows you to play games that support tilt function, a feature most predominantly used in racing games.
YouTube Access YouTube in an instant with the YouTube App. With a new 3D interface you can search and watch videos with ease.
PDF/File Viewers Open, read or edit pdf, excel and word documents with document apps. Store work files on your tablet and read them at you own convenience during meetings, in a cafe or from the comfort of your sofa. Remove the need to print out documents and carry heavy files around with you by accessing everything you need in the plam of your hand.
2160p HD Video This tablet is capable of playing back up to 2160p High Definition Videos. You can download video apps such as RockPlayer or Real Player to watch movies and videos in HD.

Want to try this tablet?

All our products come with a hassle free 14-Day money back guarantee. If you purchase a tablet and decide its not for you, simply send it back to us for a full refund.

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