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RC Tarantula

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This creepy crawly will scare the pants off any onlooker with his realistic crawling action!  He also has a realistic furry texture and eyes that light up! He can even move in all directions. So what are you waiting for ...Go ahead and scare everyone you know!

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- Light Up Eyes -Real crawling Action
-Suitable For Ages 6+ -Realistic Furry Texture
-Requires 2 x AA batteries (not included) - Can Move In Any Direction



Look at his scary light up eyes and his realistic hairy body and legs; you'll scare the pants off any onlooker who see's the scary beastie.

Even the motion is realistic he creepily crawls across the floor; anyone would believe theres a terrifying arachnid chasing them!

He's creepy and crawly.....but not made to chase your neighbours cat!

Go Ahead - Scare Your friends and family!



The remote control tarantula is controlled by an egg shaped remote. you can make him go forwards, backwards, left and right.

He's walking action makes him appear to be really crawling.

He even has a realistic furry feel.

Requires 2 x AA batteries (not included)

Not suitable for children under 6.





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