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Smart Scissors

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Smart Sizzors are the new scissors that can cut through just about anything from general household things like paper and card to things like credit cards and even chicken bones! Not only are these funky scissors but the also act as a nutcracker and a bottle opener. Once you've bought this great gadget you'll wonder how you ever lived without it!
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-Durable, Hardened Blades With Adjustable Tensions -Comfort Grip For Right AndLeft Hand Use
-Easily Cut Tough Materials Even Bones And Plastics -Bottle Opener, Nutcracker And Even Wire Strippers
-Curved Blades For Safe And Easy Use -Dishwasher Safe



Smart 'Cut Anything' Scissors are multi-function scissors for general purpose use in the home, kitchen, office or workshop. The hardened, curved blades are razor-sharp and perform brilliantly where other scissors just won't cut it.

Smart Scissors' sharp, professional grade hardened steel blades are so effective, you can cut through anything from paper to tough materials like blister packs, credit cards, tough boxes - even chicken bones!

The curved blades are designed for safety and ease of use and prevent any cut edges touching your hands during use.

The comfortable soft grip handles work equally well for left or right handed people and an adjustable tension bolt allows you to tighten them up if they ever work loose, so they keep on working for years.


Multi-functional Smart Scissors have handy, every day tools built right in! Smart Scissors have a handy bottle opener, nut cracker, garlic tool and wire stripper built into the handles and blades. They're handy for so many jobs, you'll wonder how you ever managed without them! 

Smart Scissors are incredibly versatile, comfortable, safe and durable. Here's why they might well be the only scissors you ever need:-

  • Hardened, professional grade steel blades with tension adjustment
  • The blades on Smart Scissors are not like normal household scissor blades. Instead, they are manufactured from special steel that has been hardened using a series of heating processes. The hardening process not only keep the scissors sharper, but also makes them last much longer

Over time, most scissors tend to stop working because the blades work loose, not because they go blunt. When the blades work loose, the shearing scissor action is not as effective. Smart Scissors include a tensioning bolt so they can simply be tightened again and continue working perfectly.

Summary Features:-

  • Durable, hardened blades with adjustable tension
  • Easily cut tough materials even bones and plastics
  • Curved blades for safe, easy use
  • Comfort grip for left or right handed use
  • Bottle opener, nutcracker and wire stripper built in
  • Dishwasher safe

Special 'Cut Anything' blade design
With blades that are so sharp and strong, the Smart Scissors are able to cut through many items standard scissors simply won't be able to deal with. Whether it's annoying, tough blister packs, old credit cards, twigs, layers of cloth, or even chicken bone, Smart Scissors makes light work of them all. Added serrations on the blades help prevent sticking when dealing with tough objects and allow the Smart Scissors to glide through.
Comfort and Safety
When cutting a longer distance, like on cloth or big blister packs, the curved blades allow your hands to stay away from the material and any freshly cut edges, preventing contamination and injury. The curve on the blades improves the angle of your hand and makes Smart Scissors comfortable to use for extended periods. To make them even more usable, the specially designed handle is fitted with a soft grip wherever your hand applies pressure. This makes the Smart Scissors very comfortable and allows you to apply more force without discomfort or slipping for really tough jobs. As the handles are larger than normal, they are great for all sizes of hands, whether you are left OR right handed.


  • 1 x Smart Scissors 'Cut Anything' Multi-Purpose Scissors
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