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Wiki Bottle Keylock
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Wiki Bottle Keylock

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 Stylish silver design. An unimposing security measure.  Adjusts to fit a variety of bottles.

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- The Bottle Lock Stops Anyone Getting Any Of Your Favourite Drinks - 4 Digit Pin Code
- Sleek Silver Design Makes It An Unimposing Security Measure - Will fit most normal wine and spirit bottles, or any other similar bottles.
- Twisting the lock will expand the rubber until it tightly fits into the bottleneck, then scrambling the numbers will lock it. - Size:- 7 x 4.5 x 5 cm.



We're not ones for paranoia exactly, but everyone's had that sneaking suspicion that there's a little bit less wine in the bottle than you thought there was when you polished off half of it last night. Could you really have drunk that much? Or has some cheeky person pinched off a few swags while you were out? If your life is filled with people who are cheeky enough to nick your tipple then you need to take action.....

The Bottle Lock is an elegant and hardy solution, and certainly more dignified than scrawling a line across the bottle in permanent marker and writing "Hands Off!" (we've all been there). With a padlock-style four digit code device, all you have to do is pop the lock in the neck of the bottle, change the code, scramble the lock and rest safe in the knowledge that only the most bored of liquid thieves will have the slightest chance of getting to your precious liquid. Turning the lock mechanism will expand it so it locks tight in the neck of the bottle, so that when you lock it no-one but you can get in.

So other than smashing the bottle on the floor and sucking the carpet there is no way anyone is getting into what is rightfully yours!



The Lock will fit most standard size wine and spirit bottles, or any of similar shape.

You custom fit your lock to your bottle by twisting it, the rubber will expand until it fits tightly in the bottle.

It then has a 4 digit PIN number to stop anyone unauthorised accessing your tipple.

Its sleek design allows it to be an unimposing security measure.

Suitable for 18 +

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